Marathi Recipe | How To Make Sheer Korma

Marathi Recipe | How To Make Sheer Korma

1. Take a kadhai and let it heat for a while.

2. Then add little of ghee in the kadhai.

3. Add the dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios and chironji.

4. Put a bowl full of fried/roasted vermicelli in the pan.

5. Mix it together and cook it for few minutes.

6. Pour in milk accordingly in the other contents.

7. Then cook and stir it for a while till the milk comes to a boil.

8. Add bowl of sugar to it. Stir it nicely.

9. Then put some black dates along with some saffron.

10. Add some cardamom powder along with dry rose petals.

11. Pour some more milk and make it more thick and rich.

12. Ready to Serve.

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