How To Make Masala Paratha


  • Make a flat ball of dough and dust with dry flour
  • Roll out in a big round roti
  • Spread ghee on the roti
  • Add a pinch each of ajwain (caraway seeds), pudina (mint) powder, salt, jeera (cumin) powder, dhaniya (dry coriander) powder, red chilli powder and coriander leaves
  • Mix well into a past on the roti
  • Roll into a tube and seal the sides
  • Hold the dough vertically and twist. Press it down gently and make a flat ball
  • Dip into dry flour and roll into a roti
  • Place on a hot girdle
  • Flip the paratha
  • Tip: To make crispy parathas, roll them thin. They taste better too!
  • Tip: Roasting on a lower flame makes crisper parathas
  • Dribble ghee on both sides
  • Prick the parathas at a few places for the ghee to soak
  • Serve hot!

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