Masala Pav

A spicy Mumbai street food Masala Pav can be made at home in few simple steps. Homemade Masala Pav is a treat to your taste buds. Watch the video and learn from the Arina how to make Masala Pav at home.

Masala Pav

Heat half your butter in a pan

Add the onion and lightly cook

Add capsicum

Pre-soaked masala

Cook on a high flame till water evaporates and masala cooks

Add chopped tomatoes and lower flame

Add garlic chutney/paste

Salt to taste

Tip - Go easy on the salt, remember we've put in quite a bit of butter already

Cook till tomatoes are soft

Add fresh coriander leaves

Transfer to another bowl

Toast pav in the same pan using remaining butter

Pack with masala

Top off with cheese

Garnish with coriander and lemon

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