Methi Ki Kheer Recipe

Methi ki Kheer is an absolute treat for lactating mothers with an exciting tweak by our Chef Amrita. Simmered milk is flavoured by cardamom and apricot masks the bitterness of fenugreek with the added sweetness of jaggery.

Methi Ki Kheer Recipe

- In a deep pan, add milk and the methi seeds. Boil for 6-7 mins.

- Heat another pan, add the jaggery and ghee. Cook until the jaggery melts. Add chopped apricots and a little bit of water and cook until apricots become soft.

- Bring the Milk and methi seeds to room temperature and then add the apricot and jaggery mixture to it.

- Now heat the kheer once more till it becomes thick. Serve chilled topped with some sliced pistachios.

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