Mor Kali Recipe

Mor Kali Or Mor Koozh is a traditional south Indian Breakfast, to start your day off right. Buttermilk and rice flour batter is incorporated with an array of spices to create a delicious Buttermilk Upma dish. Watch and learn how to make More Kali recipe in a jiffy by Chef Geetha and do give it a shot at home.

Mor Kali Recipe

- Take rice flour in a vessel and add the whisked buttermilk and salt to it. Beat it well. Make sure there are no lumps and mix well and keep aside.

- Heat oil in a pan, Add all the ingredients given in the for tempering.

- Now add the buttermilk-rice flour mixture and stir well.

- Mix the batter well and allow it to cook on a low flame. You can check by touching with your hands. When it leaves the sides, it means it is done.

- Transfer this into a square or rectangular dish. Let it cool and then turn it upside down. Cut into squares and enjoy this yummy delight.

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