Mushroom Mutter

Watch Seema teach you how-to make a delectable dish by combining mushrooms and peas. A simple and tasty dish that you can gorge on endlessly!

Mushroom Mutter

Heat oil in a pan

Once the oil gets heated, add the onions

Give it a quick stir

Add salt

Once the onions change color, add the garlic ginger paste

Once the garlic ginger paste has cooked slightly, add the tomato puree

Cook the ingredients on high flame

Add the red chilli powder

Add a few green chillies

Add a little bit of the coriander leaves

Add the turmeric powder

Add the powdered coriander

Stir the ingredients well

Once the ingredients have cooked well and formed a paste, add the peas

Stir the peas well

Make sure that the peas do not get mashed

Add the mushrooms

Mix the masala with the mushrooms and peas

Allow the ingredients to cook for about 2 minutes

Add water

Avoid using too much water. About half a bowl would do since both mushrooms and peas cook fast

After adding water, cover the kadai

The ingredients should cook for about 7 minutes

You can either choose to keep the gravy thick or dry it down

Add the garam masala

Add some more chillies

Add some more coriander leaves

Stir the mixture well

The mutter mushrooms are now ready to serve

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