Orange Malpua Recipe By Kabita Singh

Malpua infused with zesty orange is an ultimate dessert prepared by Chef Kabita on Britannia Dessert Carnival. It a mouth-watering Indian pancake fried to perfection to stimulate your taste buds like never before. Watch and learn how to make Orange Malpua in just a few steps and if you've enjoyed the recipe let us know in the comments below.

Orange Malpua Recipe By Kabita Singh

Method :-

Make malpua batter with all purpose flour, condensed milk, milk, fennel seeds, semolina and cardamom pwd and make a thick batter. Keep a side for 10 min.

In a dip pan heat ghee. Pour the malpua mixture by round ladder in a hot ghee. Fry it till golden brown color.

Make a orange syrup by adding orange juice in sugar syrup.

Deep fry malpua in orange syrup and remove it on plate.

Garnish with nuts and saffron.

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