Organic Whole Wheat Bread

Are you a "bread person"? Cant' imagine a single day without breads? Well then, gear up for Megha tells you her recipe for organic whole wheat bread. Stay tuned!

Organic Whole Wheat Bread

  • Take the dry yeast
  • Add jaggery to it
  • Add luke warm water
  • Let the yeast set for 10 mins without disturbing it
  • TIP: One can replace the jaggery with raw sugar or any other sweetener
  • TIP: Ensure the water is luke warm to get the yeast to rise
  • Mix the yeast once it has risen completely
  • Pour the yeast into the flour
  • Add some more water for kneading the dough
  • Knead the flour like a chapatti dough
  • After the dough is ready, stretch out the dough on a platform for a few mins
  • Add salt into the ghee (clarified butter)
  • Mix the salt and ghee (clarified butter)
  • Pour it on the dough
  • Knead out the dough again for another 5 mins
  • TIP: one can replace ghee (clarified butter) with vegetable oil or olive oil
  • Cover the kneaded round dough with a cling film/ wet muslin cloth and allow it to set for 20-25 mins
  • Knock the dough and knead it again for another 5 mins
  • TIP: the bread can be shaped into desired shaped and sizes
  • Place the dough into a greased loaf tin
  • Let the dough rise for another 15-20 mins
  • Place the dough into the pre-heated oven at 220 degrees for 40-45 mins
  • Let the bread cool for 4-5 hours before cutting slices

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