Pan Fried Crumbed Surmai With Asparagus

Pan Fried Crumbed Surmai With Asparagus

Start your meals with an appetizer of pan fried crumbed fish!


1. Heat a pana and add butter to it.

2. Put the peeled asparagus and cook it in butter.

3. Remove it from the pan once it has cooked.

4. Pour oil in the same pan.

5. Take a mixing bowl and crack an egg into it.

6. Whisk it lightly and season it with salt and pepper.

7. Take a plate and put panko crumbs to it.

8. Season the panko flakes with salt and pepper and mix it well.

9. Take the fish fillets and dip them into the egg batter and dust it in panko.

10. Slide it into the pan and after about 3 minutes, flip the fish and cook it till it becomes golden brown.

11. Drain it in butter paper and plate it.

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