Paneer Masala Toastie-Sandwich

Not sure what to feed your hungry tummy on an evening home? Try this paneer masala sandwich.

Paneer Masala Toastie-Sandwich

1. In a bowl put eggs, onion, tomato, chilli, coriander leaves and salt-pepper and mix well.

2. Divide the mixture into 3 portions. Now take two slces of bread at a time.

3. Butter the outside surfaces and on the inside surfaces apply a layer of Chings schezwan chutney.

4. Put one portion of the egg masala on one inside surface and close with the other slide.

5. Now put the two slices with the filling into the toaster and toast on low flame till both sides are crisp and golden brown.

6. Remove from toaster and serve hot with ketchup and wafers or salad.

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