Paneer Peanut Satay

Paneer Peanut Satay


1. First, begin by making the peanut butter marinade, so take half a cup of peanut butter and fresh coconut water.

2. Put minced garlic, dried basil leaves, and chili flakes along with some salt and soya sauce.

3. Give it all a whisk in order to make a paste.

4. Take the paste out in a big bowl.

5. Take a few wooden sticks and place paneer cubes on them.

6. Coat the paneer cubes well in the peanut butter paste.

7. Take a griller pan and grease some oil on it.

8. Place the cubes in the pan when it is hot and fry them from both the sides till they are done.

9. Serve it in a plate with some garnish of spring onion greens.

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