Papad Shells With Sprout Filling

Masala papad made with a healthy twist. They work best for parties, evening snacks or as nibbles after a hectic day of work. Just make this easy recipe by Arina and eat to your heart's content!

Papad Shells With Sprout Filling

Put the sprouts in a bowl

Add boiled chana

Chopped tomato

Chopped onions

Add jeera powder

Add red chilli powder

Tip -- You can add finely chopped green chillies if you like

Add the amchur powder


Add some coriander leaves

Mix all the ingredients well

Tip -- You can use lemon juice instead of amchur powder

Roast your papads on a non-stick tawa/griddle

Tip -- Use a wooden press to see that the papads are uniformly cooked

Fold the papads when they are hot, holding them till they get crisp and retain shape

Pour in your filling

Garnish with coriander

Ready to serve

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