Daily home cooking made easy through step by step instructions. Learn how to make a round Phulka with absolute ease with this video.



  • To make phulkas, make small dough balls
  • Put some flour on the dough ball before rolling it out
  • TIP: You can also put rice flour on top of the dough ball while rolling it
  • Slowly keep rolling the phulka in a circular direction to obtain the circle
  • To fry the phulka: Pre-heat the taw a for a few seconds
  • Put the phulka onto the pan
  • Cook half the side of the phulka and keep the other side raw
  • Put the phulka onto the gas on a low flame and flip it.
  • Let it rise on both the sides
  • Serve with some hot ghee on top


    • To make the dough - a medium sized plate
    • To make the chapati - pol paat (chapati board) & belan (rolling pin)
    • To fry the chapati – tawa (griddle) & pakkad (tongs)

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