Pure Magic Milkshake Recipe By Amrita Raichand

Experience heaven in a sip with this dreamy, Chocolatey Pure Magic Milkshake rich with Britannia Chocolush by Chef Amrita Raichand. The molten chocolate inside the perfectly baked shells in these chocolush biscuits turn the simple chocolate milkshake into pure chocolatey magic. So, watch and learn how to make this quick & easy refreshment in today's Britannia Dessert Carnival special.

Pure Magic Milkshake Recipe By Amrita Raichand


1. Take a glass and pour some chocolate syrup on the sides.

2. Swirl the glass to coat it with chocolate syrup in a pattern.

3. Refrigerate the glass for a few minutes.

4. Add biscuits, milk and vanilla ice cream in a blender and blend to make a smooth shake.

5. Pour the shake in the prepared glass.

6. Top with whipped cream.

7. Sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top.

8. Serve immediately.

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