Nothing like hot Puris to have with your favourite vegetable! Watch this video to learn how to make them!



To make the puri soft, add 1 tsp rava and a spoonful of sugar to the flour


  • To make the dough: a medium sized plate
  • To roll the dough: pol paat and bell an
  • To fry the puri: kadai and sara

To make the dough

  • Add 1 tsprava and little sugar
  • Roll the dough tightly
  • Use less water, only if absolutely required
  • Ensure that the puri dough is a little harder than chapati dough
  • If the dough is soft, the puri's will stick in the kadai
  • Keep aside for Half-hour
  • Make small dough balls
  • Apply some oil on top of the dough ball before rolling
  • Roll the dough out

To fry the puri

  • You can use oil or ghee to make puris
  • Ensure oil is well heated
  • TIP: To ensure oil is well heated, throw in a tiny bit of dough. If it rises to the top, oil is well heated.
  • Now add the puris
  • Once puris turn slightly red from both sides, remove it
  • Hot puris are ready to serve

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