Quick Chicken Biryani Recipe

Infused with spices complemented by aromatic basmati rice, our Quick Chicken Biryani recipe ranks high on flavour and low on effort. Chef Pallavi’s rendition of a Quick Biryani Recipe not only maintains the essence of Biryani infused with spices but also keeps it swift and easy to make for when the time is a restriction

Quick Chicken Biryani Recipe

- Heat ghee in a wok, add oil, after the oil is hot enough, temper with khade garam masale.

- Add sliced onion, sauté till golden brown.

- Add dry spice powder and salt to taste, sauté for few seconds

- Add chicken, saute till chicken is cooked, add some water and put a lid on.

- Add rice, simmer till rice is cooked.

- Enjoy with Dahi.

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