Quick Dessert: White Chocolate Mousse

Quick Dessert: White Chocolate Mousse

If you have got some white chocolate in the pantry and some eggs in the fridge, get your whisk ready, because this white chocolate mousse recipe does it all.


1. Take a mixing bowl and add cornstarch, sugar, egg yolks and whisk it well.

2. Heat a pan and pour in milk and warm it.

3. Then pour the warm milk in the cornstarch mix and whisk it.

4. Take the whole mixture and heat it in a pan again.

5. Whisk it till it thickens and switch off the flame and remove it.

6. Add bloomed gelatin and mix it.

7. Put white chocolate and whisk it.

8. Add whipped cream and give it a mix.

9. Pour little part of the mix in small mousse bowls.

10. Place vanilla sponge over the mix.

11. Pour the mix again and give it another layer.

12. Refrigerate it for 2 hours.

13. Once it becomes of a thick consistency, top them with berries and serve.

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