Rava Modak

Rava Modak

To make the stuffing:

1. Take a pan and add the powdered jaggery along with freshly grated coconut

2. Once the jaggery starts melting, stir it continuously

3. Cook until the jaggery is thickened.

4. Keep aside to cool.

To make the Rava dough:

1. In a pan add water and ghee

2. Now add the semolina and a pinch of salt

3. Stir continuously until all the water has evaporated

4.Switch off the flame and cover with lid for 10 minutes

5. Knead the rava dough for 10 minutes until smooth

6. Now put some oil in your palms and start forming a flat disc to make the modak

7. form a 2'' circular disc keeping the edges thinner and the centre thicker

8. Fill it with the coconut mixture and bring it together making a modak like shape

9. Steam the modaks for 10 minutes

10. Ready to serve

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