Easy Malwani Chicken

Easy Malwani Chicken

Malwani Chicken is a konkani style authentic chicken made with the aromatic malwani masala that will blow your mind.


1. Marinate the chicken with tumeric salt and paste of green chilli, ginger and garlic

2. Heat 1tbsp oil add the garam masala fry and add onion sliced. Fry till brown, add the dry cconut and fry for 3 mins till dark brown in colour.

3. Heat oil in another pan, add the onion finely chopped, fry till translucent.

4. Add the marinated chicken, fry for 1min

5. Add water and cook till half done.

6. Grind the masala into a paste

7.Add the chilli powder and malavani masala to the cooking chicken.

8. Cook on simmer for 6 mins.

9. Add the ground masala and cook further for 5mins till a thick gravy is formed

10. Serve with wada

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