Recipe: Kheerer Shingara or Sweet Samosas

Recipe: Kheerer Shingara or Sweet Samosas

Ananya Banerjee brings you Kheere Shingara. Wondering what that is, it is a triangular pastry stuffed with sweetened reduced milk. Make this sweet delicacy at your home and impress guests and family.


1. Prepare a smooth and pliable dough with flour, ghee, salt and

water. Keep the dough covered with a damp cloth for 15 mins

2. Prepare the syrup by boiling sugar and water till thick

3. Prepare the filling by heating the ghee and adding mawa,

kishmish, suji and sugar. Mix well and keep aside to cool

4. Make small roundels from the dough. Roll the roundels into oval. Cut each oval into two parts. Take each part and form into a cone by joining two ends of the semicircle. Place 2 tsp of filling into the hollow of each cone and seal the edges to secure the filling. Stuff all the remaining dough following the same methods

5. Deep fry till golden brown

6. Thereafter dip each of these prepared singara into prepared

sugar syrup

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