Roast Chicken Without Oven And Tandoor By Archana Arte

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Roast Chicken Without Oven And Tandoor By Archana Arte


- Take a bowl and add pieces of Boneless Chicken to it.

- Add a tbsp of crushed Ginger-Garlic, fennel powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, mix masala, garam masala, salt to taste, fresh cream, coriander and mint leaves. Mix all ingredients well.

- For Marination purpose you can keep it for an hour or more.

- Take a Skewer and pierce the chicken in it and place it on the gas flame.

- Roast all the pieces in a similar way and flip it when required. Roast for about 20 mins.

- Remove the pieces from the Skewer and plate it with slices of onion and coriander.

- Ready To Serve.

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

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