Sabudana Kheer Recipe

A traditional Sindhi dessert, Sago Ji Khirni or Sabudana Kheer is the sweet treat you didn’t know you needed. Chef Veena Gidwani adds sabudana to sweetened saffron milk and tops the dessert with almonds and pistachios. You may serve Sago Ji Khirni hot or cold.

Sabudana Kheer Recipe

- Wash sabudana under running water in a sieve. keep aside for an hour. The sabudana will swell up and expand.

- Heat milk in a thick bottomed pan. Lower flame and allow to thicken for about 10 minutes.

- Add sugar, sabudana, and cardamom and cook on low flame for a few minutes, till sabudana is soft and the khirni thick.

- Serve hot in a glass or silver bowl, garnished with almond-pistachio slivers.

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