Sesame Seed Podi

Sesame Seed Podi

In today's episode, Nandita Iyer will shpow you how to same a delicious Sesame Seed Podi. This Podi or powder can be your chatni replacement, for your everyday idlis or dosas.


1. Toast the urad dal over medium flame until golden brown and aromatic (around 8 minutes). Remove into a dish to cool.

2. Toast the sesame seeds in a pan. They will start popping. Wait until the popping sounds stop and remove into a dish to cool.

3. Heat oil in the same pan. Add the red chillies and stir around on a medium flame until they turn bright red and crisp up.

4. Remove and cool.In a mixer jar, grind all ingredients, along with salt, to get a coarse powder.

5. Serve with steamed rice and gingelly oil or with idli and dosa as a gun-powder / molagapodi replacement.

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