Sev Puri

One of Mumbai's favourite snacks, sev puri is a popular delicacy known to people all over the nation today. In this video, Arina tells you how to make lip smacking sev puris. So, keep watching!

Sev Puri

Dust the rolling base with dry wheat flour

Take a large portion of the dough

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin

TIP: The flattened dough should be as thin as chapattis

TIP: Poke a few holes randomly with the help of a fork, so that the puri’s don’t puff up

Take a tiny katori, or a round cookie cutter to shape out the puri’s

Dip the katori/ cutter into the dry flour

Place it on to the flattened dough

Press the katori/ cutter

Repeat the process around the flattened dough

Remove the excess dough

TIP: take a tiny piece of the dough and drop it in the oil, to check if it’s hot enough

Once oil is heated slide in the puri’s for deep frying

TIP: Don’t worry if a few puri’s puff up

Remove the puri’s from the oil once they are golden brown in colour

Place the puri’s on to the tissue paper to soak excess oil and let them cool to the room temperature

Place the potatoe slices on to the puri’s

Add garlic chutney

Add the sweet chutney

Add the pudina and coriander chutney

Sprinkle a few onions

Squeeze some lemon juice on each puri

Sprinkle some chat masala on each puri

Sprinkle some sev on each puri

Garnish with a few coriander leaves

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