Simple Rava Upma Recipe by Preetha Srinivasan

Simple Rava Upma Recipe by Preetha Srinivasan

1. Take a pan and dry roast a bowl of rava.

2. Stir till it's get some colour change and get's soft or free flowing.

3. Switch off the gas flame and keep it aside for cooling purpose.

4. For the upma. take a kadhai or pan, add sesame seed oil to it along with some ghee.

5. Add mustard seeds and wait till they begin to crackle.

6. Put chana dal, urad dal and cook both the dals till they turn pale brown in colour.

7. Then once they get a colour, add finely chopped ginger, green chillies, coriander stems, curry leaves, onions and hing dissolved in water.

8. Stir and cook it well. Pour in some water and continue cooking.

9. We will add little of sugar here in along with some salt.

10. Then again pour in the remaining of hing (dissolved in water).

11. Stir and let the water and the contents boil up.

12. Reduce the flame and add the roasted rava in this pan.

13. Stir cook it till it gets lump free.

14. Keep a lid on it and cook for another 5 minutes.

15. Add little bit more ghee and garnish with some coriander leaves.

16. Mix and Ready to Serve.

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha�s endeavour is to promote south Indian cuisine through her YouTube channel, Dakshin Curry. She absolutely loves curry leaves, and can fit them happily into in any recipe. For those of you who curse the poor thing, dry roast and powder them or use them in your dishes and enjoy the health benefits she says.

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