Sindhi Kitchen: Arbi Tuk

Serve this Sindhi snack with tea or pile it on top of a boring meal of dal and rice.

Sindhi Kitchen: Arbi Tuk

1. Begin by boiling the arbi untill soft. Once boiled turn off flame, drain out the water and let it cool

2. Peel and cut the arbi and keep aside.

3. In a heated pan, add in oil and fry the arbi until golden brown and crispy.

4. Sprinkle all the dry spices and mix.

5. Serve hot!

Veena Gidwani

Veena Gidwani

Veena's �I�ve No Time To Cook� Book and YouTube channel are all about simple and quick recipes for working professionals. A self-taught cook, she has appeared on several food shows including 'The Foodie' with Kunal Vijayakar and Mirch Masala.

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