South-Indian Idli

Check out Shweta Jain's take on this all time South Indian favorite. Idlis go great with sambar and chutney, but for the adventurous there are a whole range of condiments to pair them with, including idli podi and the fiery molaga podi.

South-Indian Idli

Grind the rice coarsely

Add little water while grinding

Grind the urad dal

Add 1 tsp water while grinding

Mix ground rice and dal and keep the mixture aside in an air tight steel container for 10-12 hours and let it ferment

Add ¼ tsp of salt to the batter

Mix well

Heat water in a steamer

Grease the idli mould with little oil

Pour the batter into the moulds

Steam the idliies for 10 mins

After 7-8 mins check the idlies by poking a knife into them

Serve hot idli with sambhar

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