Soya Aloo Bake

Got some soya and potatoes in fridge? Well then, get ready to cook up a storm, as Seema tells you her recipe for the soya aloo bake!

Soya Aloo Bake

Add the oil

Add onions

Stir the onions well till they turn translucent or pink in colour

Add the garlic-ginger paste

Add the tomato puree

Add the salt

Add the chilli powder

Stir well and add the peas

Add the soya

TIP : Soak the soya for 20 minutes and then drain and squeeze the water out

Stir well and add the coriander leaves

Add the tomato ketchup

Add water

Cook for 2 whistle

For the covering/crust:

Add celery to the mashed potatoes

Add a bit of cheese

Add a pinch of salt

Add pepper

Grease the serving dish with some oil

Add the rice

Level the rice with your hand

Add the soya evenly

Take a chunk of the potato, flatten it and place it for the covering

Tap your palm with a little water and even it all out

Sprinkle in the cheese

Add a bit of oil on top

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes

Ready to serve

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