Spiced Corn with Jalapeno Sauce Recipe

Bringing a classic street food into your kitchen, Chef Kamini Patel’s Grilled Corn On The Cob recipe adds an exotic twist to this perfect rainy day pick me up. Topped with a spicy jalapeno sauce complementing the crunch of fried corn with sprinkled lemon juice on top, our easy to follow recipe is sure to be your go-to snack for those dull evenings.

Spiced Corn with Jalapeno Sauce Recipe

- Place the two peppers on an open flame to roast.

- Remove when done and allow to cool before peeling off the skins.

- Cut and de-seed and place in the mixer with the coriander and garlic.

- Pulse a few times until you get a coarse mixture.

- Add olive oil and lemon juice and pulse few more times.

- Remove and stir in the salt, pepper.

- Drizzle this over the corn.

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