Spicy veggie baked beans toasties

Do you want to give your child a healthy and refreshing meal? Then this Vegetable Toast Sandwich is the perfect recipe for your child’s tiffin. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup ensures that special delicious twist in the dish that kids will simply love!

Spicy veggie baked beans toasties

Take a little oil in a pan and toss capsicum, corn, beans and carrots till lightly cooked. Add salt and pepper to the pan and mix it well.

Next, in a pan, mix baked beans, Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup and vegetables and cook it for a while.

Apply butter on the bread, put a spoonful of the mixture and close with another slice of bread.

Grill till golden brown on both sides in an electric or gas top sandwich maker.


Amrita Raichand

Amrita Raichand

She�s a super mom and super chef, and the former Whirlpool girl! Amrita Raichand shares her journey from her hometown all the way to tinsel town, sharing the secrets and stories behind her favourite recipes. Watch out for her on Being Amrita: The Chef & Beyond.

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