Spring Onion Pancakes

If you have a fetish for pancakes, then this recipe is a must watch for you. Easy to cook and delicious-the spring onion pancake recipe is sure to keep you hooked!

Spring Onion Pancakes

  • Pour the maida in a large bowl
  • Add some salt
  • Mix everything up nicely
  • Dig a well in the middle of the flour
  • Boil the water and pour it into the well
  • Mix the flour gradually
  • Once all the water is absorbed, add some more water
  • TIP: Add very little water at a time to prevent the flour from getting too soggy
  • On a work surface, sprinkle some dry flour
  • Put the dough on the flour dusted surface and knead till becomes smooth
  • Keep adding flour at regular intervals
  • When the dough becomes smooth, cover it with a wet cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes
  • After the dough has rested for thirty minutes, start rolling out the pancakes
  • Dust the rolling base with some dry flour
  • Pinch out a portion of the dough
  • Roll it into a ball
  • Coat it in some more dry flour and flatten it against the rolling surface
  • Roll it out into thin pancakes
  • Dry the surface of the pancake with roasted sesame oil
  • Sprinkle the spring onion leaves on top
  • Dust your hands lightly with the dry flour so that they don’t get sticky
  • Start rolling the pancake gently from its very edges
  • Once it is rolled tightly, seal the edges
  • Make a smaller snail shaped roll out of the existing one
  • Flatten and roll it out
  • Heat a griddle
  • Put the pancake on it
  • Cook it on both sides evenly till it starts turning golden in color
  • Once the pancake is lightly golden on both sides, add some oil and start shallow frying
  • Flip the pancake over and check the other side
  • Once both the sides are evenly coloured and fried, take the pancake off and place it on a serving dish
  • Slice the pancake into four halves before serving

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