Sprouts Kachori

Time to surprise your kids with this fun recipe in their next tiffin. Don't forget to add some tomato ketchup.

Sprouts Kachori

­1. In a bowl, add whole wheat flour, refined flour & some oil. Then add water and knead till a stiff dough is formed.

2. In another bowl, add mashed potatoes, sprouts & green peas. Put in some salt and the Kissan Fresh Tomato ketchup. Mix it all together.

3. Scoop out the dough and divide it by rolling and shaping them into kachoris.

4. Stuff the dough balls with the filling.

5. Deep fry in a lightly heated oil increasing the temperature gradually to get a golden crisp kachori.

6. To prepare the tiffin, add the kachoris and some fruits.

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