Straight from the Mughal Kitchen: Badami Kheer

Straight from the Mughal Kitchen: Badami Kheer

This rich and creamy kheer can be made within minutes and served with chopped nuts and silver foil to make your festivals extra special.


1. Boil half a litre of water in a sauce pan . add the almonds when the water is boiling and cook for 2 minutes. remove from the flame and drain.

2. Remove the skin of the almonds and grind to a fine paste.

3. Boil the milk in a thick bottomed pan. when the milk begins to boil add the almond paste and the sugar and cook for 5 minutes over a low flame stirring continuously.

4. Remove from the flame.. add the dissolved saffron and the crushed cardamoms.

5. Allow to cool and serve chilled.

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