Sunday Breakfast Treat: Cheese Parathas

A desi dish with a continental twist, this Cheese Paratha recipe is quite a hit among children who are fussy eaters!

Sunday Breakfast Treat: Cheese Parathas

1. For the filling, add coriander leaves, bulbs of spring onions, celery leaves, spring onions, salt and black pepper to grated cheese and mix it well.

2. For the parathas, heat a non-stick tawa first.

3. Make a ball out of the kneaded wheat flour and roll it out.

4. Add the filling in the center and close it from all the sides.

5. Dust it with wheat flour and gentlty roll it out.

6. Put it on the heated tawa and drizzle ghee.

7. Once the paratha is crisp, serve it hot with a dollop of butter.

Seema Gadh

Seema Gadh

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