Sunday Treat: Red Velvet Churros

Sunday Treat: Red Velvet Churros

Churros with a dip taste like heaven. Now you can experience heaven at home by making them yourself.


1. Heat a pan and pour milk and water into it.

2. Add butter, salt and sugar and stir it well.

3. Put flour, cocoa powder and mix it,

4. Cook it till it becomes dry and thick.

5. Once it has cooked to the right consistency, remove it from the pan.

6. Beat it with a beater.

7. Drop in egg while beating it.

8. Add red food colour and vinegar and beat it well.

9. Fill the filling in a plastic piping bag.

10. Heat a pan and pour oil to it.

11. Drop in the filling using the piping bag.

12. Make sure it is long and fry it well.

13. After frying, role it in caster sugar and serve it with a suitable dip.

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