Tangy Potatoes For Veggie Thursdays

Tangy Potatoes For Veggie Thursdays

Looking for interesting vegetarian recipes? Here is a potato recipe to your rescue.


1. Heat oil in a shallow pan and add fenugreek seeds, hing and turmeric powder.

2. Add the chopped potato and fry over high heat for a min. Add the chili powder.

3. Stir in and add 1 cup water; cover and cook till half done.

4. In a mixer, grind chickpea flour, coconut and tamarind pulp together.

5. Check the potato. When it's half done, add salt and the ground mixture to it.

6. Cook further for 2 minutes on simmer.

7. Add jaggery and cook further till potatoes are done.

8. Serve with puri or chapatis.

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