Thai Style Biriyani

Add a twist to your biryani recipe! Give it a Thai flavour! Want to know more? Stay tuned!

Thai Style Biriyani

Heat a wok

Add oil once the wok is heated

Add the chopped ginger and garlic

Add little bit of the vegetable stock

Vegetable stock will extract the flavour of ginger and garlic

Add the mushrooms

Allow the mushrooms to shrink a little and leave some water

Once the water has evaporated, add the bell peppers

Fry the ingredients for a while

Once the bell peppers look brighter in color, add the onions

Add the basil leaves and lemon grass

Add the red chilli paste

Add the light soya sauce

Add pepper and salt

Add vegetable stock cubes

Stir the ingredients well

Add the vegetables next

Add in the vegetable stock

Add the corn starch mixed with water

As you keep stirring, the sauce will start turning translucent in color

Tip: Stir occasionally so that the sauce does not stick to the pan’s bottom

Once the mixture comes to a rapid boil, turn the flame off

Assembling the vegetables with rice:

Take a heat proof bowl

Layer the bottom of the bowl with rice

Layer the rice with a bit of the sauce

Sprinkle the mixture with spring onion leaves

Continue layering in the same order

Put the rice-vegetable sauce mix in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes

Ready to be served.

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