Peas And Potato Curry

For all you guys out there who love hogging on potatoes,here is a great potato and pea recipe that can earn you extra accolades as a great cook!

Peas And Potato Curry

Heat oil in a pan

Once the oil is warm enough, put the mustard seeds

Once the mustard seeds start crackling, put the curry leaves and the broken green chilli

Add the chopped tomatoes

Lower the flame and cook the tomatoes till they are soft and a little mashed up

While cooking, make sure that you break the tomatoes up

Add some water to the pan of tomatoes

Add the coriander and cumin powder

Add the red chilli powder

Add the turmeric powder

Add salt as per taste

Increase the flame a little bit till the masala has cooked well

Add ½ cup water

Add the potato cubes

Add the green peas

Increase the flame and let the potatoes come to a boil

Allow the ingredients to simmer for a while till the masala gets incorporated well

Add the chopped coriander leaves after the potatoes have simmered for a while

Ready to serve!!

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