Whole Wheat Pancakes For A Healthy Start

Whole Wheat Pancakes For A Healthy Start

Kick-start your day with some fluffy and healthy whole wheat pancakes and chestnut honey!


1. Mix whole wheat flour, some cream and caster sugar in a bowl.

2. Add some pure chestnut honey to the bowl.

3. Break the eggs into the mixture.

4. Whisk this mixture well until creamy.

5. Add some baking soda to this mixture to make the pancakes nice and fluffy.

6. Pour some milk into this mixture and whisk it well.

7. Let the pancake mixture rest for atleast 30 mins before cooking.

8. Add some vanilla pods into the mixture to enhance the flavour of the pancakes.

9. Drizzle some olive oil/butter in a hot pan and take a scoop of the mixture and place it in the center of the pan.

10. Drizzle some oil on the sides and on the top and cook it well from both sides until golden brown.

11. Drizzle some chestnut honey on the pancakes and their absolutely ready to serve!

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