Christmas Special: Yule Log

A traditional chocolate Yule Log can take your Christmas table from ordinary to extraordinary!

Christmas Special: Yule Log

  1. Whisk the 10 eggs to a fluffy consistency
  2. You can use a hand blender/ whisk to whisk the eggs
  3. Once the egg starts whisking, slowly add the sugar to it
  4. TIP: If the eggs are whisked to a fluffy consistency, it will give a nice volume to the sponge
  5. TIP: To check if the eggs are whisked, they should have a ribbon consistency
  6. Mix cocoa powder and flower together
  7. Add the dry mixture into the whisked eggs
  8. Gently mix the ingredients together
  9. TIP: Fold the ingredients gently or else it will go flat as eggs mixture is flat and dry mixture is heavy.
  10. We will now transfer the combined mixture on to a baking tray
  11. TIP: On the baking tray place a butter paper sheet/ dust it with maida (all purpose flower)/ grease with athin layer of butter as it helps in removing the sponge conveniently
  12. Transfer the mixture on to the tray
  13. Gently level the mixture onto the tray for an even sponge
  14. Preheat the oven at 160 degree Celsius
  15. Bake the sponge for 25 minutes
  16. Procedure for making chocolate truffle
  17. Cooking chocolate can easily be melted in a microwave/ on a double boiler within few minutes
  18. Add the cream into the melted cooking chocolate and mix well
  19. TIP: Ensure the cream is slightly warm when adding to the melted chocolate
  20. To make chocolate cream we need to add whipped cream into the chocolate truffle
  21. TIP: Normal cream can easily be whipped with a hand whisker
  22. Add whipped cream into chocolate truffle to make chocolate cream and mix well
  23. TIP: 200g truffle to 500g whipped cream should be the ratio for the chocolate cream mix. Add more truffles to make the cream chocolaty
  24. Sponge and chocolate cream is ready
  25. We also need sugar syrup that has 500ml water and 200g sugar mixed together
  26. Soak the sponge with sugar syrup to make it moist
  27. Sprinkle the sugar syrup evenly onto the sponge
  28. TIP: Soaking the sponge gives it a better taste and helps in folding the yule log
  29. TIP: You can also add coffee powder to give an additional flavor to the sponge
  30. Add a few scoops of chocolate cream onto the sponge
  31. Coat a thin layer of the cream on to the sponge evenly
  32. TIP: You can layer the sponge with chopped strawberries or other fruits
  33. Now carefully roll sponge
  34. Roll the sponge tight inside a butter paper so that there is no air can pass through
  35. Fold the extra butter paper from sides and leave it in the refrigerator for an hour
  36. Unwrap the sponge out of the butter paper and transfer it onto the back of a tray/ flat surface
  37. Coat the outer layer of the sponge with the remaining chocolate cream
  38. Ensure it’s a thin layer of cream on the sponge
  39. Pour few spoons of truffle onto the yule log
  40. Use a comb/ fork to give it the look of a log
  41. Keep the log into the refrigerator for ½ an hour
  42. Cut the yule log into desired shape in sizes for decoration

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