• In 4 cups of flour create a well
  • Add suji (semolina) to the well
  • Add salt
  • Add baking powder
  • Add soda bicarb
  • Mix the ingredients together
  • Once the ingredients are mixed well, add yogurt
  • Start making the dough
  • Add water
  • Continue mixing the ingredients
  • Once the dough is ready cover it with a wet muslin cloth for 10 minutes
  • Apply ghee (clarified butter) to the dough
  • After applying ghee (clarified butter) knead the dough
  • Tip: While kneading put pressure, so that the ghee gets incorporated well
  • Cover the dough with a muslin cloth again and leave it for 50 minutes
  • Heat oil in a pan
  • Uncover the dough
  • Pinch out a portion of the dough and roll out the Bhatura
  • Place the rolled out bhatura inside the pan and fry it
  • After a while, the bhatura will fluff up and turn on its own
  • Bhaturas are ready to be served

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