Sun Dried Chicken


  • Coat your chicken pieces with all purpose flour in a mixing bowl
  • Season the flour with salt and pepper
  • Coat evenly
  • Tip – Coating the chicken removes moisture and makes for a crisp texture
  • Heat oil in a baking dish or pan
  • Add the chicken pieces, with the skin side touching the bottom of the pan
  • Fry till evenly browned on all sides
  • Add the shallots to the same pan
  • Add garlic
  • Tip – You can add more oil if required
  • Stir for 30 sec on medium flame
  • Add the bay leaves
  • Add your wine to de-glaze the pan
  • Once the wine has evaporated, add the sun dried tomatoes
  • Green chilli pickle
  • Stock cubes
  • And the tomatoes
  • Fill 2/3rds of the way with water
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Tip – This dish goes well with pasta, polenta or rice
  • Add your potatoes in a layer
  • Add your chicken in another layer
  • Cover and cook for 45 min
  • Plate on a bed of pasta over shallot stalks
  • Ready to serve

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