10 fried food recipes so good every day will seem like Fryday

Whether it’s pyaaz ke pakode or fancy french fries, we want it all

10 fried food recipes so good every day will seem like Fryday

We hope you agree that deep fried treats are the best food group. When crunchy, crispy and hot, they're the perfect snack, meal or even dessert. And now during the monsoon, it's just harder to say no to them, nevermind their greasiness. So, we've put together a list of our favourite fried foods for you to make this week—from melty cheese samosas to crunchy wontons. Just remember to keep your steaming cup of chai ready.

Cheese Onion Rings

Is there anything better than cheese and onions heading into a fryer together? A close cousin of onion pakoda, these cheese onion rings can be whipped up quickly whenever you spy a dark cloud approaching.

Cheesy Cocktail Samosas

If you can't believe that something can be crispy and creamy at the same time, make these cheese samosas. Made with only 10 ingredients, they are perfect for frying up on a weekend or to serve as a starter at your next gathering.

Fried Veg Wontons

With the addition of onions, carrots and capsicum, we would consider these wontons as a healthy salad, but only that they're then fried. Plus, they make for suitable appetisers to an Indo-chinese homemade meal and are also a great accompaniment to your instant noodles.

French Fries

We all have had and loved French fries, but making them crispy and crunchy at home can be tricky. Lucky for us, this video has four golden tips that will help you arrive at those perfectly golden, McDonald's-style fries.

Kozhi Ada

Stuffed chicken pocket anyone? Try this traditional Malabari snack which is spiced, chicken mince encased in a soft dough and deep fried to perfection.

Crispy Fried Chicken

For all the fried chicken fans out there, this recipe involves a smart trick to ensure a perfectly crisp skin and a tender inside. Serve this at your next dinner party and impress all your guests.

Crispy Rice Balls

Fried rice balls, also known as arancini is an Italian appetiser, which is great as finger food or even a fuss-free side. The recipe calls for leftover rice and Italian spices like basil and chilli. Follow the steps and create these melt-in-the-mouth crispy treats.

Crispy Fried Chicken Popcorn

In the mood for fried chicken but cannot commit to the whole bird? This bite-sized crunchy chicken popcorn is bursting with flavour because of a zingy marinade. Great for your kid's tiffin or a lip smacking snack for the whole family.

Red Velvet Churros

If you're looking for a weekend project, follow this recipe and make heavenly red velvet churros at home. Coated with sugar, this Spanish dessert is crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and ostensibly the perfect Saturday treat.

Batata Vada

Follow this batata vada recipe video and learn how to replicate the classic in your home kitchen. They have a beautiful golden exterior and are ideal for a monsoon evening spent with friends or family.

Samika Aurora

Samika Aurora

After graduating from USC and making the most of LA's food scene, Samika is now back in India and ready to explore the food in her own country. A culinary enthusiast, she spends a lot of time brainstorming dinner ideas, looking up new restaurants, listening to podcasts and has a special knack for churning her own ice cream.

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