10 recipes that are chef's-kiss good and party starters, literally

End 2021 in style with our handpicked menu and a glass of champagne

10 recipes that are chefs-kiss good and party starters, literally

It's the last meal of the year—and it just so happens to be the perfect excuse to get dressed up and throw a blow-out bash! But since it's the last meal of this particular year, we're guessing you might be a little low on inspiration. Fret not! We have got you covered with our wide array of handpicked appetisers. This year instead of having a full-fledged sit down meal, pick from our cute little kickstarters like juicy kebabs, show-stopping cheesy cocktail samosas, DIY taco bar and so much more that will leave your guests wanting more.

Cheesy Cocktail Samosas

You can never go wrong with samosas. With an array of spices and potatoes, this crispy, golden party treat is a mighty taste of heaven and a constant favourite in every Indian household.

Cheesy Paneer Nachos

Loaded with cheese, refried beans, guacamole, and salsa, this melted cheesy goodness is sure to win your guests' hearts, and taste buds too.

Lamb Galouti Kebabs

Calling all lamb lovers! Serve these juicy lamb kebabs on skewers along with a herb salad and pudina chutney or yoghurt sauce if you want a Middle Eastern flavour.

Spring Rolls

A classic that always deserves a place on the table, we don't need to sell this dish to you. But what we can say is that follow our step-by-step recipe for one of the most lip-smacking spring rolls you've eaten.

Desi Taco Bar

Add a tinge of fancy to your New Year's party by setting up a DIY taco bar. This easy to make Mexican dish can be prepared by your guest in taco shells with add ons like lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, chicken/ paneer filling, tomatoes and cheese. Here's our tried and perfected recipe for you.

Paneer Enchiladas

We can guarantee this dish is going to be the star of the night. We added our desi angle to the wholesome dish with rajma, paneer and all the Indian spices that we love. It is incredibly filling and festive at the same time, making it perfect for a new year's menu. Check out the recipe here.


Never tried pizza with a desi twist? Here's your chance: try out our naanizzas. It has all the goodness of a pizza loaded on your desi fluffy naan. Check out this fusion recipe right here.

Chettinad Baby Potato Roast

This potato roast doesn't leave any leaf unturned. It's got a mix of flavours and the dry roasting brings out the essential oils in the spices, which otherwise would have been dormant. So what are you waiting for? Give this recipe a try.

Cheese Loaded Tater Tots

You know it can't go wrong when you have potatoes and cheese together. We guarantee these overloaded cheese tater tots are going to be a complete hit and will have your guests coming for second servings. Try this recipe right here.

Jalapeno Poppers

Crispy, spicy, and cheesy, this bite-sized treat can be your new go-to appetiser for every party. Follow our recipe to make this lip-smacking delight.

So which of these appeasing appetisers will you be trying for NYE 2022? Tell us!

Samanaz Bhot

Samanaz Bhot

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