10 sure-fire menus to wash off that heat and humidity this summer

You may or may not be cool, but these summer-recipes surely are

10 sure-fire menus to wash off that heat and humidity this summer

Love or hate summers, you can't deny the annoying consequences that follow. From face getting tanned to drenching in sweat even as you sit tight, it becomes less and less bearable the more we talk about it. However, if there is one thing that keeps us going it is the huge array of summer-friendly recipes that has been developed over years to combat the menace that is this forever soaring temperature.

Check out the list we've organised for you, just in time for the dreaded summers.

Papaya shake recipe
Chopping up papayas and eating them like normal people is so last year. Move on and try out this uncomplicated recipe. Pick up this seasonal fruit when ripe, cut, mix and blend till they form a thick consistency; pop in a straw and enjoy!

Keto mulberry frozen custard
We learnt pretty recently that if we use the right ingredients, we could actually replace a regular ice cream with a ketogenic version of it and we cannot keep calm. Also, stay assured, it looks, tastes and feels exactly the same, if not better. This summer, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Khoya kulfi recipes
For ice creams may come and ice creams may go but kulfis? Kulfis are forever. We insist, you must try out this simple three-ingredient dessert and make a batch of them for yourself and your loved ones, this season, to beat the heat in style. Oh and pro tip: spread some good-old falooda on top of it to make the experience authentic.

Watermelon ice cream
Watermelon-sugar high, yes, but this time it's healthy, tasty and comes in our favourite form— ice cream. If you enjoy watermelon, take it from us, this is the best way to consume it. Freeze it, chill it and take in all the fruity goodness, one bite at a time. Follow the recipe to make one for yourself.

Aam ki launji
Curating a list of summer menus and not including a mango recipe in it would be a sin we dare not commit. Follow these easy and simple steps to make the finest bowl of our sweet and sour chutney to wrap up your lunch in the best way possible.

Keto cucumber pancake
We've heard of pancakes and remained a big fan of them. But now, we have reasons to love them a little bit more—add a keto twist to the traditional recipe and watch this video to know how the naturally cool cucumbers can play a game-changing role in it too.

Thayir sadam
Thayir sadam or curd rice, no matter what it's called in different parts of the world, will always share the common emotion of taking one right back to the comfort of their homes. Follow the recipe shared to whisk up a bowl of this soothing dish for yourself and fill your tummy and soul all at once.

Brinjal Curry
Summers can be very draining, true, but cooking doesn't have to be. Make this tasty brinjal curry in under minutes and serve it with a helping of rice, paratha or the good old chapati.

Bhindi Bhaji
Please don't make us write about the literal best—bhindi bhaji. Despicable as it might be when boiled, its fried version is just as inversely good. Follow this video and make yourself some now..

Which one would you try first?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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