30 recipes to live life like it was a big box of chocolates

On World Chocolate Day, here's a long list of recipes, including cakes, biscuits, cookies, milkshakes and mithais

30 recipes to live life like it was a big box of chocolates

Most of you will agree when we say that a special day is not needed to celebrate chocolate. However, we are not complaining because this just means we have an entire day (and an excuse) to binge on all things chocolate, be it cakes, biscuits, cookies and milkshakes or barfis and ladoos. Here is our list of things you can make this World Chocolate Day.

Eggless chocolate cake

This recipe neither uses eggs, nor an oven. Just whip up a batter using condensed milk, flour, vinegar, cocoa powder and the usual baking powder, vanilla extract and plain milk and cook it in a pressure cooker on low heat for 40 minutes without a whistle.

Chocolate milkshake

There are a dozen things you can do with leftover cake but we like to blitz a slice of with milk and ice cream to get a thick milkshake along with the crumbs to slurp on. Recipe here.

Chocolate rice crispies

Made using only four ingredients—melted chocolate, rice pearls, cashew nut powder and water, these crispies are made using the batter, which is then rolled into balls and refrigerated. It makes for a good indulgent snack as you work from home. Recipe here.

Chocolate barfi

There are days when you want barfi, festival or not and this chocolate version is perfect for that. All you need is khoya, milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar and the will.

Chocolate dates

Chocolate covered dates are easily the most snackable treats on earth and making them is hassle-free as hell. Melt some chocolate using the double boiling technique, stuff the dates with dried fruits of your choice and coat them in the melted chocolate. There, you have it. Recipe here.

White chocolate brownie

Made with unsalted butter, white chocolate, castor sugar, eggs, flour and topped with raisins and walnuts, this white chocolate brownie is as decadent as it comes. Recipe here.

White chocolate Oreo balls

Crush Oreo cookies in a zip-lock bag till they turn into a fine powder and combine it with cream cheese frosting. Coat this mixture in melted white chocolate and roll it all into small snackable bites to grab whenever you are hungry. Recipe here.

Chocolate brownie freakshake

It is understandable to want to go overboard with chocolate once in a while and this freakshake recipe is for then. It has everything from chocolate chips, gems, sprinkles, Nutella, Kit Kat to whipped cream, orange zest and a large brownie, to boot.

Fridge Set chocolate bars

We all love munching on granola bars and this recipe comes close to a store-bought one. Add honey, cocoa powder, muesli, cranberries, digestive biscuits and white chocolate (optional) to melted butter and set in a container overnight. Cut into bars and they're ready to snack on whenever you want. Recipe here.

Chocolate sponge

This is one of the simplest sponge cake recipes that only calls for some eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder and vanilla essence. Beat the batter properly, bake it and you will have a treat ready to tuck into. Recipe here.

Chocolate banana smoothie

The combination of chocolate and banana can rarely go wrong so a smoothie made using the two is the safest bet for breakfast. Ours is made using unsweetened cocoa powder, strawberries and Nutella because we're extra like that. Recipe here.

Chocolate rum balls

A mixture of chocolate biscuits, condensed milk, melted chocolate, rum and desiccated coconut is rolled into balls to make these chocolate rum balls. Ideal for a house party, no?

Chocolate peanut butter

You don't need to make a run to the grocery store the next time you want a PB&J sandwich because making peanut butter is not as hard as you think. Grab some roasted peanuts and blend them together with unsweetened cocoa powder, castor sugar, salt and oil and you'll have your chocolatey peanut spread. Recipe here.

Spiced hot chocolate

Melt some dark chocolate in milk and bring it all to a boil by adding cinnamon, cocoa powder, salt, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cardamom and a pinch of cayenne pepper, making it the best cuddle buddy. Recipe here.

Chocolate hearts

Grab a packet of chocolate compound from the store and double boil it. Pour it in the mould and top it off with berries and dried fruits to make yourself some easy treats. Recipe here.

Chocolate ghila pitha

Ghila pitha is a popular festive recipe from Assam made with sticky rice flour, baking soda, water and salt. The batter is shaped into balls and deep fried. We have topped the ghila pitha with chocolate shavings to give it a sweet twist.

Coconut chocolate balls

The preparation for this dessert is similar to a barfi. We heat the condensed milk and add desiccated coconut till we have a firm mixture and then roll it in balls, coat it with melted chocolate and refrigerate for a while before you enjoy them. Recipe here.

Chocolate mendiants

Mendiants are small chocolate disks topped with nuts. In our recipe, we melt the chocolate, lay it out on a baking tray in small discs and alternatively top it with seeds like pumpkin, chia, sesame, sunflower and flax and dried fruits like almond, pistachios, cashews, apricots and cranberries. Refrigerate and enjoy for weeks. Recipe here.

Chocolate cupcakes

We love moist and fluffy cupcakes so our eggless chocolate cupcakes made with condensed milk, butter, flour and cocoa powder and iced with whipped cream is the exact treat you need on a gloomy day. Recipe here.

Chocolate mousse

To make this mousse, prepare a batter by mixing melted chocolate with whipped cream, egg yolks, milk, sugar and cold water. Add gelatin so it can help the mousse set properly. While setting it in mould, place a small piece of sponge cake in the centre for that added texture and bite.

Cardamom chocolate

It is quite simple to infuse the flavour that you want to in chocolate. In this case, get a slab of compound, melt it and pour it on whipped cream. Add cardamom powder to this and pour the mixture in a mould to set it in the fridge. Recipe here.

Chocolate fondue

Melt some good quality dark chocolate using the double boiling technique and mix it well with double cream. Serve the chocolate mixture hot with chopped strawberries, grapes, kiwi and plum. Recipe here.

Peanut butter and chocolate prunes

Dried plum or prune dipped in chocolate can taste like little drops of heaven. A fun way is to slice the prunes and fill them with peanut butter. Then, coat them with melted chocolate to keep a snack handy for when you crave something sweet. Recipe here.

3 ways hot chocolate

A sea salt hot chocolate made with almond milk, sea salt and marshmallows, a peppermint hot chocolate made with heavy cream, peppermint oil, whipped cream and candy and a white hot chocolate made with matcha powder, white chocolate chips and unsweetened almond milk. Need we say more?

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

We don't have Phoebe's recipe of oatmeal raisin cookies but what we do have is a solid oatmeal chocolate chip cookie made with salted butter, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon powder, chocolate chips and copious amounts of roasted walnuts. Recipe here.

Chocolate cake pops with jam

If you have leftover cake, the next best thing is to always make cake pops. Crumble all the cake properly and pour melted chocolate over it. Add nuts to it and when you roll it into balls, fill the centre with jam. Recipe here.

Mississippi mud pie

To make a decadent Mississippi mud pie, make a crust by crushing chocolate biscuits of your choice and combining them with fresh cream, melted dark chocolate, butter and brown sugar. Make a base of it in a ramekin bowl and pour a sauce made of dark chocolate and fresh cream. Bake it well and serve hot. Recipe here.

Belgian chocolate pudding

Melt dark Belgian chocolate till it is smooth. In another saucepan, heat water and melt some sugar in it. Transfer this to the chocolate and mix well by adding eggs, cinnamon and unsalted butter. Bake it in ramekins using the water-bath technique to ensure the texture is just. Serve hot with a dollop of ice cream on top.

Oats chocolate and wafer balls

Remember those wafer biscuits we loved as kids? They were the real deal, but we have another great way to enjoy them: combine the biscuits with melted butter, white chocolate, cocoa powder, oats and icing sugar and roll them into crunchy bites. Recipe here.

Chocolate Ravioli

It is as simple as getting Wonton wraps, filling them with a dollop of Nutella or a chocolate spread of choice, sealing them with egg wash and then deep frying them until golden brown. What happens next? Try it to find out. Recipe here.

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