5 regional monsoon specials from Maharashtra's OG communities to warm up to this season

From a tangy Goan vindaloo to the Koli community's Bombay duck gravy, here are six monsoon recipes from Maharashtra's OG communities

5 regional monsoon specials from Maharashtras OG communities to warm up to this season

It is popularly said that the languages, culture and cuisine in India change every few kilometres. With a population of over 1.2 billion people, 22 constitutionally recognised languages and over 19,500 dialects, one could very well say that our country's cuisine is like a culinary kaleidoscope. And taking Maharashtra as a prime example of this statement, here's a compilation of the tastiest seasonal monsoon recipes from six micro-communities that are indigenous to the state.

The CKP Ratalyacha Kees

Predominantly inhabiting the coastline of Maharashtra, this Marathi-speaking community is one of Mumbai's oldest residents. A popular monsoon recipe among the Chaandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus or the CKPs is the ratalyacha kees which is essentially grated sweet potato cooked with coconut and light but flavourful spices.

The Pathare Prabhu Alu Wadi

One of the original settlers of Maharashtra, the Pathare Prabhu community is known for its traditional, coastal meat delicacies. Even so, we're fans of their alu wadi, which is the perfect monsoon snack. Made with a channa mix rolled up in taro leaves, this fried goodie comes slathered in generous amounts of tangy tamarind pulp. Pair it with a cup of Mumbai's iconic cutting chai for max feels.

The East Indian Foogath

The native Christians of Mumbai make up Maharashtra's East Indian community. Known as one of the first settlers in the state, their cuisine comprises a comprehensive repertoire of flavours that often overlap with those of the Goan community. And while certain dishes from the two cuisines may have similarities, they do vary in terms of nuances. The foogath is one such dish. Our version is made with grated cabbage, coconut and other ingredients like, curry leaves, sliced onions, garlic and green chillies.

The Goan Vindaloo

​​The robustly flavoured, Goan vindaloo is a great recipe to make during the rainy season. Traditionally made with pork, it is a medley of spices and ingredients like red chillies, jeera, khus khus, tamarind and jaggery. We've made ours with chicken as the main protein but we promise it tastes just as good.

The Koli Bombil Bhujna

One of Mumbai's oldest communities, the Kolis are known for their love of coastal delicacies, particularly dried fish, prawns and the iconic bombil bhujna aka the Bombay duck gravy. If you're looking to treat yourself to a robust fish gravy to lift those spirits on a rainy day, try our authentic recipe for the bombil bhujna.

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