Could Americano be the restaurant with the best tiramisu in Mumbai? We find out

You’ll be saying mamma mia with every bite!

Could Americano be the restaurant with the best tiramisu in Mumbai? We find out

Coffee flavoured, spongy, creamy and cold, tiramisu, when made right can be transcendent. There's a reason the beloved Italian dessert is so popular around the globe, the smooth pastry is layered with rum-soaked ladyfingers, espresso and mascarpone. What's not to love? And while the city of dreams–Mumbai, has several eateries that offer the decadent dessert, there are few that really get it right. One busy Wednesday, I decided it was okay to indulge in a little mid-week treat and set out to try the tiramisu at Americano in Kala Ghoda. I'd heard so much about the restaurant but courtesy Mumbai's traffic, I'd never gotten around to making that trip across the sea link. However, today was my day.

Ask a Mumbaikar about which the finer eateries in Bombay are and it'll be a rare day where someone forgets to mention Americano. Even though it only opened in 2019, the restaurant had rave reviews and in a pre-covid era, booking a table here was considered no less than a Herculean task; one would have to call in weeks in advance. The brainchild of chef Chef Alex Sanchez and his partner, Mallyeka Watsa, the joint is known for its fuss-free food and focus on flavour. And in a world where most restaurants are moving towards plant-based cuisines and veganism, a meat-eating and dairy loving, non-vegan like me can appreciate a concentration on quality ingredients instead.


With dim lighting, a soaring ceiling and beige and navy blue interiors, the easygoing eatery exudes casual sophistication. The green marble bar and open kitchen are unmissable, as is the colourful, abstract artwork that hangs from the ceiling. The restaurant has a clear division–the front section has a few communal tables and the back is fitted with cosy, booth-like seating. I made my way over to one of the few sunlit tables at the front of the restaurant, scanned the QR code and began to swipe through the digitised menu. Since I'd made the journey across the city, I decided it only made sense to grab a meal before I got my dessert.

The Food

For appetisers, I got the shaved Brussel sprouts made with brown butter almonds, apricot and mint, spiced chicken wings with a house special hot sauce, and an Indianised version of a burrata, served with warm corn pudding, garden pesto and citrusy shaved fennel salad. Which was my favourite, you ask? Undoubtedly the Brussel sprouts. Presented in a round cake-like formation and rich in texture, the dish came with a burnt garlic flavour, crunchy onions and a creamy base. If you visit Americano, this one's a must-try!

Next was the Pink Panther, a Napolitan style pizza with charred edges, generous splotches of fior de latte, basil and olive oil, and the casarecce ai funghi, a rich porcini mushroom ragu and to end the meal, what I'd originally made the trip for, the tiramisu Americano. What did I think of this leg of the meal? The spicy tomato crema that layered the base of the pizza had a tangy, full-bodied flavour while the creamy, cheesy porcini mushroom was loaded with spices and herbs. The meal ended with what I can confidently say has been one of the best Indian tiramisus I've eaten so far. Served with a side of drama, the decadent, silky, coffee flavoured pastry only revealed itself when the covering chocolate-coated wafer disc was broken through with a spoon. I won't lie, that extra crunch was what added the X factor to the dessert for me.

The Verdict

Terms like fresh produce, seasonal offerings and organic ingredients are used pretty widely today. However, it's not every day you can actually taste the food at a restaurant and be sure that this is the reality. Americano is different. The menu here is a medley of flavours and Italian fare that's sure to delight patrons of the cuisine. Would I return for a casual meal? Yes. Can I say I found the perfect tiramisu in Mumbai? Also yes!

IFN paid for this meal and reviewed the restaurant anonymously.

Tarini Sood

Tarini Sood

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