Dishes that have taken 'kaheen aag lagey lag jave' a tad too seriously this winter

10 spicy recipes you must check out this season to turn up the heat

Dishes that have taken kaheen aag lagey lag jave a tad too seriously this winter

Sweater weather is finally in full swing, and we simply cannot get enough of the warm bowls of soup, freshly made and served hot meals and of course the warmth of a fuzzy blanket or the heat of a fire place. But this winter, instead of looking for soft blankets and thick sweatshirts, here at IFN, we'd like to turn the heat up with 10 super-spicy recipes that will definitely have you running for the chilled glass of milk, despite the chilly weather outside. A fair warning to those who shy away from the spice, make sure to adjust the chilli according to your taste. And the rest of you lot, come along and let's fire up this party.

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Chowmein-style Maggi
Maggi and snacks are almost synonymous in every Indian household, but for this winter season, we say try your childhood classic with a spicy twist. Follow the recipe to make your own spicy chowmein-style Maggi and indulge in the flavours exactly as you wish!

Chilli-garlic fried idli
Turn up your idli game quite a few notches high with a much-needed chilli-garlic addition to it. Check the steps and execute it to the T, to make this quick indo-chinese recipe next time you're in the mood to eat something fun and easy to make.

Chatpate chole kulche
First of all, we could eat it all day, every day. Do you relate? Secondly, it's only logical (don't ask us, how it just is!) that this chill season you wake up to a plate full of heavenly hot and spicy chole-kulche, made fresh in your home kitchen.

Spicy garlic moong dal khichdi
If you try hard enough, you could almost hear Hansa say, "Prafull, khichdi bole toh comfort food" and we're here for it, except we'd love it a bit more teekha to balance out the otherwise freezing cold weather. If you're like us, then this recipe is definitely for you.

Dum aloo
Aloo in every shape and form only deserves to be loved, wholeheartedly. But dum aloo will always be supreme. And what better way to enjoy your garma-garam parathas, puris or rotis with a bowl full of this spicy fare?

Spicy thecha
Thecha is a fiery condiment that we believe deserves its due adulation, well beyond the boundaries of Maharashtra. Try pairing your nachos with it if you're feeling courageous or simply try it as a side with your regular dishes to combat the chilly weather. Implement the directions as shown and make it for yourself.

Spicy ravan pithale
A Maharashtrian comfort food, this dish is known for the effortless process that goes behind making it. Treat yourself to this fine and flavourful preparation whenever you please, with this simple recipe.

Prawns koliwada
Forever grateful to the Punjabi community who settled in Mumbai and chose to introduce this delectable dish to the world. Prawns marinated in a thick ginger-garlic and chilli paste sounds irresistible to us and this video is hands-down the best guide to help you plate it flawlessly.

Chilli cheese pasta
Move over your regular mac n cheese, and follow this recipe with Sonal Vartak, for this spicy rendition to our traditional favourite. Keep the video handy every time your cheese-cravings creep up!

4-ingredients spicy hot wings
Think crispy hot wings, dripping in hot sauce, only this time you'll be needing just four ingredients, easily available on your kitchen tops So the next time you see something reminding you about fried chicken, you know which video to fall back on.

Have you picked a recipe yet to turn up the heat this winter?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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