Eat, sleep, dessert, repeat is our summer mantra and we believe it should be yours too

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Eat, sleep, dessert, repeat is our summer mantra and we believe it should be yours too

Not to sound boring, but the only time we enjoy summers is when we see actors revelling at their exotic beach houses in the movies. Yes, we're straight-forward like that. The only saving grace of this annoying season however, is the frozen sweet-treats that can be eaten at any point of the day, without raising an eyebrow. Back from work? Gulp down a glass full of home-made shikanji or dive into a bowl of chilled fruit slushies immediately, and nobody bats an eyelid.

We've put together a list of ten such wonders in the form of summer desserts that you must give a shot to right away. Read to know more.

Keto strawberry frozen custard
This season is the perfect time to stop treating keto as just a low-carb regime and usher in the huge possibilities that come along with it. Diabetes-friendly and beneficial for all you fitness enthusiasts, we urge you to follow this recipe and give your regular custard a much needed healthy upgrade, cause we guarantee you'll be in for a treat.

Chocolate Banana Sundae
If you're really in the mood for some fruity desserts, we'd suggest you unlearn your old methods to have a banana and whisk up this irresistible choco-banana sundae instead. Top it off with an icecream flavour that you enjoy the most and sprinkle add-ons of your choice to give this recipe a personalised twist.

Watermelon ice cream
Watermelon in itself is delicious, but making ice creams out of it is just taking it a notch higher. Follow this quick and simple recipe religiously to make one, every time you're in the mood for some icy treat. Tip:you can skip the sugar to enjoy the juicy sweetness of the fruit as is.

Mango panna
If you have any doubts about this heaven of a summer drink, we'd suggest you pick anybody in India at random and ask them about it, you'll have your answer, it's a bet. Made with unripe mangoes and water, the steps are so simple, this chilled drink should be your summer staple.

Keto mulberry frozen custard
You did not think we'd come talk about keto, share just one recipe and vanish, right? Truth is, we couldn't even if we wanted to, this mulberry keto custard is a treat both to the eyes and to the tastebuds. Follow the directions in the video to make a bowl and dig in whenever.

Coconut ice cream
If you've read so far, you've probably understood that fruits in summer taste best when frozen and coconut seem to be no exception either. Our assessment says, this three-ingredient ice cream is bound to be a crowd favourite, thanks to the perfect blend of its rich milky texture and the correct amount of sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. Top it off with chopped bits of your preferred fruits or throw-in elements of your choice. Go ahead, surprise yourself.

We know which is our favourite, do you?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee who has always remained a foodie has now embarked upon the journey of channelling her love for the same through her writing. An ardent theatre-lover, she's always on the look-out for new avenues to express her creative self. Apart from writing and working on social media, she also never misses an opportunity to crack a joke, every now and then.

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